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Tenshi ga ita okujou

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Imari City

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Distribution: Astaire

Do the stay away from the club of the soccer club due to the tragedy that occurs in the prestigious school of soccer. A big ditch was able to be done taking advantage of best friend's Saejiri and this event, and both leave a sections of Hayato. The dream is lost, and in the frustration and the cooped-up feeling in daily life to the future and Hayato's whereaboutss : to the rooftop at the school. It meets a mysterious girl that obtains the camera in the rooftop one day. She begins to take Hayato's photograph why. The connection of two people is a past tragedy gradually revealed through carrying and each desire. And, Hayato and She mutually hold light love.

Koyanagi You

Producer:Kawabata Motoo , Tanaka Makoto
Director:Takagi Satoshi