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About Saga Prefecture Film Commission

We are a non-profit public organization always trying to revitalize Saga through promoting filming locations. We cover various fields such as local revitalization, and tourism and culture promotion.

What does the Saga Pref. Film Commission do?

We support production of films that are integrated with the local area by promoting location shooting for video content such as movies, TV dramas, commercials, music videos, and web videos. We also send out information about Saga Prefecture through films.

Through inviting local people to participate in and enjoy movie or drama production, we promote local revitalization and create popular topics. Our main goals are to allow local people to reconfirm the goodness of Saga through those films and discover the new charms of Saga.

Also, in order to support the establishment of film culture in the local area, we help out with screening events using empty stores, assist the development of young creators, provide venues, and give local people opportunities to be exposed to film culture.

Please click here for more information on assistance business. (Japanese only)

General inquiries

Saga Pref. Film Commission

1-1-59 Jonai, Saga-shi (1F, New Administrative Building, Saga Pref. Office Building)
TEL:0952-25-7296 FAX:0952-25-7443

Business hours

8:30am-5:30pm (closed on weekends and holidays)
(Separate arrangements can be made for on-location shoots)

What is a Film Commission (FC)?

Film commissions are non-profit public organizations that attract location shooting for movies, TV dramas, etc. by fully utilizing a great, regionally-specific background such as grand, rich nature and historical buildings. We also help film crews accomplish their work smoothly.

Concretely, film commissions introduce and research suitable shooting locations, help with permit procedures for filming areas such as road and facility usage, and handle arrangements for extras.

In Japan, there are more than 100 film commissions. In most cases, organizations such as prefectural and municipal governments, chambers of commerce and industry, convention bureaus, or tourism federations/associations conduct film commission businesses.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about filming locations or about FC.

Send your inquiries to (e-mail address).