Izumiyama Quarry


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In the early 17th century, the clay for chinaware which had a high quality, and was abundant which was raw materials of the porcelain was discovered in this Izumiyama by Korean ceramist Sanpei Ri (the Japanese name: Sanbee Kanagae) and succeeded in mass production of the porcelain for the first time in Japan. Sarayama, Arita at the time was sorted by Uchiyama, sotoyama, oosotoyama, and the use of the clay for chinaware of Ishiba (At that time, it was written as a doba.) was distinguished, too. Above all, called the thing to use in an order kiln (Nabeshima feudal clan kiln) which there was in Ookawachiyama was made using the raw materials of the highest grade. I was exposed to the admiration such as domestic daimyos and continued supporting the history of Arita ware 400 years when I attracted the people of various parts of Europe, and the Izumiyama Quarry was appointed on the historic spot (partly) of the country in 1980. There becomes little digging here, and Arita ware is made using clay for chinaware of Kumamoto, Amakusa easy to use now.