Nanatsugama Caves



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The Nanatsugama Caves, designated as a natural monument of Japan, are spectacular caves formed from the infamous rough waves of the Genkai Sea pounding against the cliffs and eroding them away over many long years. As the Japanese name suggests, the Nanatsugama Caves consists of seven caves in a row formed by deep erosion into the cliff face, and this scenery is one which strikes onlookers by the marvels of nature. The largest of the caves has an opening of 3 meters and depth of 110 meters. The caves can be enjoyed leisurely on a cruise boat. There is a grassy plateau above the caves, with a lookout and walking trail, and it is often buzzing with numerous sightseers. The area around Nanatsugama is also popular as a fishing destination. Legend says that Empress Jingu discarded an earthen vessel here that was memorabilia for her troops winning the war with Korea, and there is a shrine here called Dokizaki Shrine which worships her.